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                                  A Little about how I became interested in Crested Geckos:

                                                                                 I was in Petco one day buying crickets. As I was waiting I was walking around checking out the reptile section when I saw the neatest looking lizard I had ever seen. He was black and yellow and I couldn't stop staring at him. When the associate came out with my crickets I inquired about him. She stated that he was a Crested Gecko and that he had been there for 3 months. She said they had also had babies in but that if I was interested in the adult she would take 10% off. Next thing you know I'm walking out with him. That was in February of this year(09), Here I am 3 months later and my curosity has turned into a love addiction. I'm now up to 8 Cresteds and with plenty more to come. I hope my site shows the love and care I give to each one of my Geckos. Please enjoy!